About Us - Curriculum

Zadie's well rounded, academically focused curriculum is designed to build solid foundations during a child's formative years. We use a variety of teaching methods to create an academically exciting learning environment.

From the very beginning, we introduce our infants to sign language, music, nursery rhymes and stories. We continue to introduce exercises and activities that will enhance motor skills (e.g. hand-eye coordination, rolling, crawling and walking) until infants reach the toddler stage.

Our Toddler curricula focus on teaching body parts(English and Spanish), common objects, primary colors, shapes, numbers, letters, fine motor development and potty training. The Transition curriculum continues the learning process by increasing language development, enhancing social skills, increasing fine motor skills and offering more opportunities to gain the independence this group developmentally needs. After successful mastery of the Toddler and Transition curricula, our children progress to the Pre-school classrooms. Here children continue their instructions in Pre-school by learning letters, increased phonetic awareness, shapes, colors and numbers combined with writing, counting, adding and subtracting.

In Pre-Kindergarten, we begin to focus our efforts on Reading and Language mastery as well as Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

Zadie's Kindergarten class is an individualized program designed to create and enhance strengths in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Special Services

Zadie's is a special place because we care about the special needs of our working parents. We offer our families a service that goes beyond basic childcare.

We hope to lighten the load of our working parents by providing the following services:

  • Extended Care: We provide care before 7am or after 7pm if and when a special situation arises
  • Overnight Care: We provide overnight care for children when parents require additional childcare on a week night
  • Home-Style Meals: We provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack
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East Orange, NJ 07018

Also visit our location in Summit, Zadie's Nurturing Den.