About Us - Discipline Policy


Discipline is a matter of planning, and setting clear limits and expectations; it is redirection and logical consequences, not punishment. Discipline is also a matter of anticipating and preventing situations and “heading them off at the pass.”

At Zadie’s Of the Oranges, our job is to gently encourage and support self-control, to protect children, and to help them learn how to behave responsibly.

Each child at Zadie’s Of the Oranges is respected as a special individual, even during the power struggles and the fights for independence. We do not believe in characterizing children as bad, mean or nasty or in using any other derogatory terms.

Labels stick. At Zadie’s Of the Oranges, we avoid labeling children because children believe what we tell them about themselves, and their behavior will reflect those beliefs.

We praise children when they are behaving well so that they know how pleased we are when they are behaving in an acceptable manner. We remember to model appropriate behavior because children imitate and learn from us.

Discipline Do's

Zadie’s Of the Oranges staff members shall:
  • Make clear that it is the child’s behavior, not the child that is unacceptable
  • Help the child with appropriate language to understand the problems with his or her behavior
  • Use redirection, logical consequences or Cool Down Time methods to discipline inappropriate behavior
  • Assist and encourage children to express his / her feelings
  • Try to appear confident, even when not, understanding that our manner brings about cooperation

Discipline Don'ts

Zadie’s Of the Oranges staff members shall not:
  • Hit, shake or use any other form of corporal punishment
  • Use abusive language, ridicule or speak harshly to children
  • Humiliate or frighten or use any other form of emotional punishment
  • Engage in or inflict upon any child any form of abuse and/or neglect
  • Withhold food, emotional responses, stimulation or deprive rest or sleep
  • Ask a child to remain silent or inactive for an inappropriately long period of time
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