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Daily Operations FAQ

What are the normal operating hours of Zadie’s Of the Oranges?

Zadie’s Of the Oranges is open from 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Does Zadie’s provide extended care?

Yes, Zadie’s Of the Oranges does provide extended care before or after normal operating hours, however, you must speak with a Director beforehand.

There is also a fee associated with extended care.

How much does it cost to attend Zadie's Of the Oranges?

Please request this information in the comment section of the contact us form.

When should I pay my child’s tuition?

Tuition is due weekly. Tuition is due the Friday before care is rendered.

Does Zadie’s accept Programs for Parents?

Yes, but the parent/ guardian is required to pay the balance that PFP does not cover.

What forms of payments are accepted at Zadie’s Of the Oranges?

Zadie’s Of the Oranges accepts checks, money orders, cash and credit cards.

Are parents locked into a contract?

Zadie's Of the Oranges requires parents to sign a yearlong contract, however, either party may terminate the contract as long as two weeks’ written notice is provided.

Is the cost of my child’s tuition pro-rated if my child is sick, on vacation, or the school is closed?

No, parents are responsible for paying their child’s tuition whether your child is or is not in school.

What is the cancellation of services policy?

Either party may terminate services as long as two weeks’ written notice is provided or for any reason delineated by the Expulsion Policy.

Is there a waiting list?

Please speak with the Director regarding availability.

Is there parking?

Yes. Parking is available but at a premium. Parents must park in spots labeled ZOTO only.

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Also visit our location in Summit, Zadie's Nurturing Den.