KidsVision Kiddie Cam Service

Zadie's Of the Oranges has installed KidsVision's Kiddie Cam Service for our families. The daycare cameras allow you to watch live video of your child learning, playing, and interacting with other children in the center. Use the information below to learn how to get authorization to view the cameras and how the kiddie cam service works.

How to Get Started

Once your child is enrolled at Zadie's Of the Oranges, you will need to apply for your username and password. You can download and print, the required form here, or pick up a copy of the form at your daycare center. After completing and signing, please return the form to Zadie's Of the Oranges. Once approved, your usernames and passwords will be activated. You can access the online streaming video by clicking below:

Zadie's Of the Oranges Camera Access

Technical Support

You can request support for the daycare cameras by calling KidsVision toll free at 1.888.Kids.Vsn (888.543.7876). Submit your online support request form , or email KidsVision at A KidsVision support technician will respond promptly to any technical support issues you have.

Additional Resources

  • Password Authorization Request Form
  • User How To Video Booklet
  • KidsVision Frequently Asked Questions
  • Request Further Support from KidsVision

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